An INFJ answering the existential question: ‘Who Am I?’

This could take a while…

People are complex. INFJs more than most. We’re certainly the most paradoxical of human beings. Maybe that’s why I hate talking about myself, though my feeling is that if people want to know about me they will ask. So here are three points about me that you may be interested in — some conversation starters, if you will…

I’m a Philosopher

People tend to think that you have to go to university and study philosophy to be a philosopher, but that is bollocks. Anyone who questions existence and tries to find meaning in the strange occurrences that we call life is using their thinking and reasoning mind. The inner urge to seek answers to impossible questions makes you a philosopher. Full stop.

Philosophy and art often go hand in hand. Where one discipline attempts to express feelings, the other expresses thoughts, but what I have found most often is that one leads to the other and back, like the ouroboros. Some of my favourite philosophers include: Nietzsche, Plato, Ayn Rand, and Camus.

This quote by Camus is one of my favourites:

‘The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.’

– Albert Camus –

I value personal belief, personal opinion, and valid debate on philosophical issues from morality and ethics, to the big existential questions.

Fantasy Enthusiast

When I’m not writing copy for fellow creative entrepreneurs, you can find me immersed in the fantasy worlds of other writers, or my own world Aeonis.

This escapism helps me deal with our strange world. When everything in my life is stretched to the limits, these magical worlds and characters reinforce my values and moral standards. They help me find the reserve and will to face my foes and live my life true to my inner compass.

‘Superheroes were born in the minds of people desperate to be rescued.’

– Jodie Picoult –

Some of my favourite authors include: Terry Goodkind, Tolkien, Ian Irvine, George RR Martin, Rick Riordan, Peter V Brett, Robert Jordan, David Gemmell, JK Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Andrzej Sapkowski and Eoin Colfer.

Creative Supporter & Champion

The urge to create is at the very heart of being human. We experience life through an insatiable curiosity to understand the world, to understand others, and to find meaning and reason to life’s absurd chaotic patterns.

We have a unique opportunity in the history of mankind to fully realise our virtues and overcome our vices. Art has always been a tool for expressing thought and feeling, but today we have the freedom to choose creative lives where in the past we were slaves to basic survival needs.

The CopySlayer was born from a burning passion to help artists, musicians and writers earn financial reward for their investment of time in their creative pursuits.

‘The path to success is to take massive, determined action.’

– Tony Robbins –

Never before have there been so many people creating music, art and stories. Never before have human beings been able to share their knowledge and expertise so easily with anyone, anywhere. The opportunities are out there — if only we can find them.

That’s where I come in. I want to help you, and people like you, to find your niche of clients and customers wherever they are in the world.

With the dawning of AI and automation, human beings are freer than ever to immerse themselves in creative passions. As any true artist knows, it’s not about the money, it’s about the creation, but cashflow does help us all live richer and more fulfilling lives by enabling us to choose our own personal life experiences — freedom to travel, freedom to recluse, whatever, the point is this — some of us in the world need our art for our own sanity, while others need to see our art for theirs.

‘If the world were clear, art would not exist.’

– Albert Camus –

Copywriting is but one of the many writing services I offer and it’s not just about selling things, it’s about connecting creations to their audiences for the betterment of society and the growth of the human spirit.

The world is shifting into a new ‘Creator Economy‘. I invite you to come be part of the movement, and live the life you were born to.

If you want to connect with me you can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, where I tend to post about philosphy, writing, books, and the hilarious struggles of being an INFJ.

You’re more than welcome to say hello if you genuinely want to connect. It’s always nice to receive a like, comment, and a share.