One of the hardest things for creative people to do is sell themselves or their work. It just feels weird, and sometimes even downright wrong.

I know because I feel the same way about my own creations. This is the main reason I started doing this kind of work in the first place.

The question you’ve got to ask yourself is this: ‘Does your creation add value to other people’s lives?’ If the answer is yes, then you absolutely deserve to be paid for your work.


I can help you build your websites with engaging copy that converts your visitors into loyal fans.

‘That sounds great, but how can you actually do that?’ I hear you thinking. The answer is simple — by writing honest and genuine words that connect with your audience. Words that build trust and convert your visitors through the use of clear calls to action that benefit you and add value to your prospective fan.

We all vibe on different frequencies. The trick is making the output vibe of your brand match the incoming vibe of the people on the planet who will resonate with your work.

Matching the tone of voice and brand vibe is only one key element to a successful website though.

There are many considerations such as industry specific SEO as well. Search Engine Optimisation can be used in several ways. It helps you know what people are searching for, and it lets the internet know that you meet search relevancy requirements.

Content Marketing and Social Media

What’s better than having a beautiful website that converts your visitors into paying customers? Having a strategy that doubles or triples your visitors!

This is where content marketing comes into its own. Providing free blog posts packed with information that people are hungry for, is a sure fire way of funnelling people to your new glitter-sparkly website.

The beauty of blogging is that posts are super easy to share on social media. People love to share interesting tidbits on socials for their friends to see and comment on.

Social media isn’t just about advertising your products either. It’s an opportunity to start conversations and build relationships with your followers.

It may take longer to build a loyal following of fans who really love what you do than you might want, but having followers who naturally want to share your stuff and engage with you is free advertising and worth its weight in silver.

The good news is that we can do this at a rate you’re comfortable with – start small – and grow inline with your vision for the brand, on platforms that are the most optimal for your vibe.

Email Subscriptions

Email lists are a useful tool for any creative entrepreneur to have in their toolbox, but they’re tricky to get right.

Providing valuable information and entertainment should be the focus. If done right, you can use email lists to good effect to boost sales every now and then.

If building an email list or running a regular newsletter appeals to you, then let The CopySlayer weave her mystical typing magic over her enchanted keyboard to engage with your fans.


Don’t know what your brand is? No worries, you don’t need a marketing degree to get your creative business off the ground. I can help you figure this out too. Hint: It’s not as terrifying as you might think. In fact, simple is often best.

Copywriting is a really useful kind of writing that aims to persuade, but it doesn’t have to be cheesy, or salesy. It can just be you, as your brand, finding a voice to talk to the people who will become your raving fans the moment they discover you even exist.

Have you ever seen a piece of art, read a book, or heard a song and wondered how you’ve lived your whole life without knowing it existed? Well, that’s your future fans.

Don’t you think you owe it to them to do your best to reach them?

Your journey to creative self-determination starts here. Below are some potential ideas on where to start:

Want to sell art products on Etsy or Red Bubble?

How about up your digital music and vinyl sales on bandcamp?

Grow your list in preparation for a book launch?

All these things are possible with a good copywriter on board, so go on, send me a quick message to find out how I can help you grow your creative business.