Like the sound of The CopySlayer weaving her magyks for you? Then get in touch via email and let’s chat.

What You Can Expect After You Make Contact:

1. A Phone or Video Call

We can then arrange a 10-15 minute phone or zoom call to discuss the project in detail. This will give both of us the chance to see if we click and can work together.

2. A Summary or Proposal For Your Project

After the call, I will draw up a proposal for the work which you will look over and comment and adjust in case things were either forgotten or otherwise not included for any reason.

3. Contract Stuff

Once you are happy with the proposal I will draw up a contract in plain english for you to read through and sign. At any stage you can comment or query any aspect that you are unclear on. The contract is designed to support and protect us both, so until we are both happy with the contents and plan of action work will not begin.

It will include things like deadlines and fees as well as outline the things that we will each be responsible for to get the project completed on time.

4. Briefs and Discovery Phase Bit

Depending on the project you can expect a full briefing process after this as well. Particularly with Copywriting projects, a full analysis of brand and tone of voice will be required.

5. Completing of the Project

I will follow the brief and send you the work when completed. This will be in the format that we discussed during the proposal and contract stages.

If the project includes one or more rounds of editing then that process will begin and feedback at each stage will be critical to completing the project on time.

6. Billing and Payments

I usually bill fortnightly, but terms can be discussed on a case by case basis depending on needs. So please always ask me if you have complications that make you worry about meeting deadlines.

My preferred method of payments is BACs but other options are available should the need arise.