The mission is to the fore. The ego left at the door.

– David Hiut

Whatever your written needs, the CopySlayer can help you meet the goals of your project.

The CopySlayer is all about words, and I know how to slay those bad boys.

Words are my armour and my weapon. Don’t stand in my way, for when I lower my visor to make mighty the deeds of my pen, the ink splatters across the page with an effusion of goarebloud and sorcery to make even the ‘wise-ones’ blanche.

When you read my writings, you are never the same afterwards.

For when dragons breathe fire, the paladins unsheathe their swords, and magicians weave their flows, what is left but the chaos of the universe and the certain knowledge that destiny is at play.

Whether you are looking for a simple scribe or a wordwizard, my services are a-plenty, choose from: the alchemy of persuasive writing, shamanic word-checking, and divine penwomanship.